THe Comp Plan Simplified


Some of the biggest stumbling blocks to our business are the terms and the language. It is vital that these get cleared up quickly and understood as this is our way and it is very difficult to succeed without them. Most recently we have been given some new terms to distinguish different areas for evaluation and qualification.

PV- Point Volume given to all Nikken Products. This term simply means the value given for a specific product. These initials are used along with other initials to distinguish different values specific to qualifications.

Now the next few terms QPPV, QPGPV, QOPV,QOPV-OPL,QOPV-OP&SL,PCV,PGCV can be easily understood if we break them apart and then add the relationship to activity and qualifications.

Q- Stands for Qualified and this infront of other letters would designate a specific value that is a qualification requirement

P- stands for personal and infront of G would mean personal group and infront of V could mean personal volume , or point value 

G- stands for Group

PG- stands for personal group 

O- stands for Organization

QPPV- qualified personal point volume which means that the value associated here is based on a retail order that you as a distributor can use for qualifying. The Key is Retail and you will find that this is part of each position in the plan. Every consultant has to have at least 100 QPPV per month to Qualify for personal commission volume rebates and personal group commission overrides.

QPGPV- This is qualified personal group (Directs and Executives) point volume that is required for qualification and monthly requirements.

PPV- is the accumulated point volume of non retail orders under a consultant's ID and these do not count for QPPV or QPGPV requirements but will count for rebates or overrides.

QOPV- is the qualified organization volume for the entire organization one has.

QOPV-OPL- is the qualified Point Value outside the Primary leg volume. The Primary Leg would be defined as the leg that contains the highest QOPV in a consultant's organization. This is also referred to as the Secondary Leg.

QOPV-OP&SL- this is the qualified Organizational Point Volume Outside the Primary and Secondary Leg which could mean the total of many other leg's volume and personal group volume. 

Types of Incomes

There are five different "types of Income" available with the Nikken Compensation Plan. 

1. Retail- This is straight forward. Sell product directly to a customer at the retail price and earn a 20% commission.

2.Rebates- You can earn up to 20% rebates from personal sales and personal group sales. ( Direct and Executive Distributors in your personal group)

3.Leadership Bonuses-Here you can earn 6% on Leaders (Silver and above) in your organization up to 6 levels below you based on your qualifying rank (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Royal Diamond)

4.Incentives- There are currently four incentive programs that provide either extra income or special perks once achieved.

         A. Entrepreneurs Club where you can earn an extra $300 for achieving the qualifications.

         B. Paragon Award where you can earn an extra $1000 for achieving the qualifications.

          C. Pinnacle Prize where you can earn an extra $2,500 and a luxury cruise for achieving the qualifications.

          D. Team Kaizen where you can earn a Luxury Trip, special dinners with the CEO and a dedicated customer service line and more.

5.Lifestyle Bonus- The lifestyle bonus is available for Golds and above and a consultant can earn extra monthly income for being qualified. 

You can get all the specific details for these incentives on your mynikken back office site.