Writing the Book

I sat down and started writing and after four months the first draft was done. I made some copies and sent it out for feedback. Well was I surprised I didn't have to rewrite a thing. Off to the publisher and In June of 1999 at the big event in San Jose, I unveiled Vested Interest Book and Tape set.

Demand was Awesome

Over the next several months I had to republish the book for a second time and I got a book deal in France and had it translated and published there. After that it was published in Hebrew and I was traveling the world with Vested Interest.

The Introduction

What was most important to me as a distributor when I went to a meeting was  to come home with knowledge that would help me build my business. Unfortunately most of what I heard were personal stories that were based on circumstance that really didn't apply to my situation in life. I called that "Style and Technique" training but what I heard were concepts that seemed to be universal among all successful distributors but because this was a personality driven business everyone wanted to lay claim to their style and no one focused on the concepts.

You Won't Talk About What You Don't Understand

What puzzled me the most was why some just were not successful. Then I uncovered this very important fact if you don't understand it, you won't talk about it and it may be the thing that makes the deal go.

Vested Interst is as valid today as it was in 1999

The concepts of Vested Interest are just as valid today as they were when I first wrote the book 17 years ago.