Dave Rolfe My Nikken Journey

I was first contacted about Nikken in October of 1990

I needed a solution to earn an income and support my family. I had been involved with Networking before but without any success. However I believed in the idea and I understood the potential if I did the work. It took 4 more months to get started and in January of 1991 my journey began.

Acheived the rank of SIlver February 1991

The first thing I did was connect up with a strong up-line to get a QUICK what do I do list. His answer was really quite simple. Go and show the business to as many people as you can. I did and I found a few who joined me and one was really serious and wanted what I wanted and together we went to work selling product and signing up distributors and by the end of February we both went Silver.

Acheived the rank of Gold April 1991

I remember when I signed up my second leader who was a past employee and friend and when he got a product benefit jumped in with both feet because he wanted what I wanted and by the end of March I had two Silver legs. Then I threw an ad in the paper and found my third and went Gold mid way through April.

Acheived the rank of Platinum October 1991

With my first 3 key distributors working and on the same page I was able to go and build 3 more and reached Platinum by October of 1991. It was at this level that I knew I was onto something very special that would change my life forever. I hadn't really thought much about what would happen, all I knew was that I wanted to be at the top.

LIfe Gets in the Way

I am sure you have heard this before but in late 1991 and early 1992 Nikken ran into a storm and I was persuaded to go onto another traditional business in the Wireless Digital Industry. For the next 3 years I created a very successful business which eventually was sold to Sprint but my Nikken business almost disappeared. In late 1994 I made my second decision with Nikken and decided to rebuild and start all over and once again with my eye on the top.