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The 100 K Club will now meet on the following schedule.   Everyone is welcome to join and listen in as we plan our weeks production.

On Monday the call is at 9:00 AM PST and that is 5:00 PM in the UK.

Tuesday is dedicated for new Consultants and guests. The call is at 8:00 AM PST.

 There will be no more calls on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Join the calls here

The Big Picture Video

This Video was recorded April 22nd 2019

Are You a New Consultant ? If so watch this Video

Watch this Video recorded on Feb 19th, 2019 on what you need to know in starting your new Business as a Nikken Wellness Consultant.

Beginning with Nikken Recorded Jan 29th, 2019

This was a video recorded on Jan 29th for New Consultants and what to do in the beginning of their journey.

CreateTime Money Health

Watch the New Presentation on Time Money Health

Read this Presentation on FlipBook here   


The American Dream Survey

A great Article on the American Dream

Life and Money Survey (pdf)


This chart shows how much Americans make at every age (pdf)


The 100 K Club

Watch the Introduction to the 100K Club. Your support and guidance for building a Nikken Business.

Read this Presentation on FLipBook here   



Daily and Weekly Production Forms

Here is a direct link to report your weekly production https://fs7.formsite.com/hQ6E9U/zem0lbgceq/index.html?1545347995993

Daily Production Tally Sheet (docx)


Join in Monday at 9:00 AM PST and on Tuesday at 8:00 AM PST

How to Play the Game

Watch this Video to gain an understanding of the important things you need to know and do plus a plan to reach your Goal by following the Nikken Plan. You can also see the presentation on FlipBook or download the PDF file.

See below for those instructions

NB: This video was recorded using an older version(picture) of the Comp Plan. The newest version is reflected in the Flip Book and PDF. A new Video version will be posted soon but this current version is 100% viable for it's purpose and overall message

How to Play the Game PDF and FlipBook

You can get the FlipBook version here http://online.flipbuilder.com/xteg/urof/


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The Basic Wellness Preview Overview

Here is the Wellness Preview hosted by Dave Rolfe and Julie Tara with special guest Michele Kowalchuk speaking on the new Nikken KenkoGround product.