THe 10 THings Continued

Number Six- Your Story, Presentation and What is going on in Society

Your story, your presentation, what's going on in society are the three main ingredients to # 6. It's all about communication. IF you don't know what to say or how to say it then you are pretty much dead in the water. Your story is the how and why you are involved and it has to have meaning and purpose as this is what will attract others to join you. Your job is to get the other person interested and this is done when he hears how this was a solution for something that is important to you and he can then see how it can be a solution for him. In simple terms Nikken is a solution to an identified problem.

Number Seven - Tools and Resources

Like any business you have certain tools and resources that you can use to build your business. The key to # 7 is knowing what these are and how to use them to get your job done. The three main resources are Time, People and Money each of which are important and each of which can play an important role to your success. 

Number Eight - The Day Planner / Your Daily Activity

If we look at time, what we really have is a consecutive series of now. Yes we can say there was a past and we can say there is a future but in reality there is really only now. The key point to # 8 is what you do now, your daily activity. Make use of that if you want to have something in the future because you can't do anything about the past. With a day planner you can then make sure you get the most out of each day so you can get the most in the future. If you understand what you need to do then do them NOW and then watch what happens tomorrow.

Number Nine - Leadership

Leadership, you are the Boss of your business, the CEO and President as well as the janitor and errand boy. Set the example of what you want others to do. Let them see and duplicate. My definition of a leader is one who establishes activities so that production will occur. Set up and establish the activities that are known to work and then start producing, others will do the same, it's been going on like this since the beginning.

Number Ten - Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice some more, then keep practicing and practicing and practice some more. I am still practicing after 27 years and it is fun as you keep learning and you keep getting better at what you do. So # 10 is Practice.

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