The 10 Things You Need To Know

Your Success Depends on how well you know and apply these 10 things

I learned early on in my business career that all businesses operated on the same basic ideas. Each may have produced a different product or service but in concept they all were doing the same things. In Networking there was a tendency for a circumstance of an individual to dictate a method or how the business worked and then when others tried to follow it they didn't get the same results. I called that Style and Technique. However what I saw was the application of a concept based on their circumstance and when I realized that I could then use my style to use the concept and then get a result. These next ten items are the core conceptual activities of any business modified to be understood as a concept then applied by you based on your circumstance. They are all important and to the degree that anyone of them is not applied is the degree of success or no success. You can watch a video on the Ten Things at the end of the next page.

Number One - Treat this as a Business

Treat it like a business, pay attention to the details, know as much as you can, get organized, put in the time, pay your dues, always be prepared, don't leave any stone unturned, keep a budget, be professional, dress for success. In other words pay attention and go to work, this is not a hobby if you want to be successful.

Number Two - Know What you Want

You have heard, "Find your why" and I would like to tweak this to first know what it is you want as a result of doing Nikken then your why is easy to figure out, to get what you want. This should probably be the # 1 item of the ten things as all the rest follow this one. In figuring out what you want understand that behind it there is some purpose as most of us are driven by purpose. Know that due to the nature of what we do it always needs to be broken down to economics. A business is a thing and with out your direction won't do or go anywhere. It costs money to participate and it costs money to help or do great things. Give the business the economic instructions as it doesn't understand the emotional needs we have.

Number Three - Know How it Works

There are many things we use and operate that we really don't know how they work. All we know is they work and we use them. However, in business this does not hold any water. By direct observation all of the failures I looked into came about by not understanding how the business worked. You may stumble upon the work-ability and have some success but in the long run the more you understand the easier it becomes.

Number Four - Show Me the Money

Show me the money was the title to Chapter 4. I can't stress enough the value of knowing your compensation plan. If we truly look at it, this plan is the road-map and if followed diligently you go from the bottom to the top. But aside from that understanding, it is more of the solution to problems. Knowing how it works and what you need to do to make certain incomes opened the door to many new distributors who went on to make small fortunes. 

Number Five - The Plan

It has been said that "no arrival" and this couldn't be more true in Nikken. Your plan and as mentioned the comp plan guides you step by step. Ad to this the key activities placed on a calendar of events with dates and there you go. Without the plan you end up wondering around aimlessly with no end in sight. You must have a plan and it must be in writing and then you follow it constantly observing how it is working, then changing it when you need to with your eye on the activities that are going to create the success.