Talking About Income

Earning an Income and how to talk about it

Back when I started in 1991 I had the opportunity to work inside of Nikken headquarters and  volunteered too help answer questions for consultants who wanted to know how they were paid based on the statements they were sent along with their checks. 

The plan was a bit confusing and most people didn't know their plan and simply got people on the product and sold to them and then word of mouth brought them more customers and consultants. 

In taking the calls and then looking at what they had earned along with reviewing the plan showed me hundreds of examples of earning anywhere from $25 to $10,000.

What I learned by doing this was that there was a way to show someone what they could earn with examples. This then made their decision to join easier especially when I also showed them how we would go about it. The doing stuff. 

I then used this in my prospecting and would ask the following question "Would you be interested in earning an extra $5,000 per month?" Now I could ask this question because I knew how to show someone what would need to occur to earn $5,000.

Once my prospect understood how  simple it was and that all that was required was some leg work, study, a very small amount of money and a decision, my organization grew like a weed.

The key to this was based on the question I asked. If the answer was immediate and positive I knew that they were HUNGRY and so was I and as this is a team business working together would be fun. 

Network Marketing is the best business in the world when you do it right and it is easy to do it right. I can tell you all the wrong things so it doesn't work but I prefer to keep this positive.

You can make more money than 99% of the population, you can help more people than you ever imagined, you can have more fun, you can work anytime and anywhere so in the end this is a business of living life and getting paid to do so.

You don't need an office, you don't need a warehouse full of product, you don't need to worry about collections, you don't need to hire people.

All you need to do is show people how to Flourish and Prosper. So let's take a look at some examples but from the view of explaining and getting someone interested.