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Vested Interest

I wrote Vested Interest, Making Network Marketing Work For You in 2000. I saw a tremendous need for New Networkers to have a true source of knowledge on how they could make Networking Work. There were all kinds of specific "styles" out in the market but no one had ever dealt with the core concepts that would allow creativity and the development of their style based on their circumstance. 

Raw, Down To Earth, Straight Forward Information

I am one of the top distributors in Nikken. I built a huge business and made millions of dollars. You will learn exactly everything you need to know to make Networking work for you. You will gain a complete understanding of what needs to be done and why it needs to be done so that you can be successful

Concepts, Not Systems

You will learn the concepts of Networking. 

How things work, why things work, when things work. 

Others teach you about systems but if you don't know the concepts, systems are hard to use. You will know what is around each corner before you get there. You will know what happens as a result of your actions. Everything you do will have meaning and understanding so you too can build a successful business.

The Topics Of the Smart Networker Video Book

Lesson 1 & Lesson 2

In lesson 1, we are going to talk about one trait that is critical in determining your success and income as a Networker in Nikken, 

Being a Networker.

In Lesson Two, we are going to discuss,

How decisions can affect you.  

Lesson 3

In Lesson 3, we are going to discuss these topics


—How to find out what your Contact is interested in

—How to create a secure long term residual income 

—What makes the business realistic to everyone 

—What's the best Organization Structure 


Lesson 4

In Lesson Four we are going to explore: 

—How the business actually works 

In the Beginning and in the Future

—By following A path to success

—By Investing in yourself 

—By Developing your personal style 

—Because of The reason there is an opportunity to begin with 

—Utilizing The three customer types of Nikken

Lesson 5

In Lesson 5 you will learn; 

How the Opinions of others effect you and your success

How to Plan and Organize anything for success

Lesson 6 & Lesson 7

In lesson 6, we are going to cover: 

—Where to spend your time 

—The weakest parts of your organization 

—Do's and Don’ts 

The 100K Per Year Plan

In Lesson 7, we are going to cover

How Your Story will create success

How Your Presentation will get people to join

How your Daily Activity will build the business

What's the one Key aspect of Leadership that will explode your business

Lessons 8 and Beyond

In Lesson 8, we will cover 

How to Build Your Business

In Lesson 9, I will show you how to

Launch any Business

In Lesson 10, we will cover

How to meet people we don't know and get them interested.

Comments on the Video Book

Lesson One: Be A Networker

 "I did like how clearly if not bluntly you laid it out.  The fact that one needs to be a Networker, and therefore, have enough information to be able to exchange with prospects is appreciated.  Your reference to information being motivational and that keeps one in the game, interested and engaged is also appreciated."  SD 


Smart  Networker, Dumb Networker jumps right in on Lesson 1 with a no-nonsense approach to what you need to know and what you need to  do in order to be successful in our business.  There is a lot of  wisdom intertwined in Dave's simple easy-to-follow approach.  He's a  master at unraveling what could be easily glossed over, though critical to understand and apply every day. SD

Lesson Two: Decisions

 Easier flow connecting the Decision to one of making an educated decision, repetition of need to understand comp. plan and what Network Marketing is (Great summary for the Reasons to fall in love with NWM versus being embarrassed about it!  Great summary and reinforcing the difference in the hybrid of being a retailer, small franchiser to moving to the R side of cash flow quadrant …… MZ

Lesson Three: Ask Questions & Listen

I’ve been avidly reviewing Dave Rolfe’s, Smart Networker Dumb Networker Program, resonating with the information and excited about the potential.  I had a brief interchange with a young woman, which was just after Lesson 3, and when she asked what I did, rather than respond that I was a Wellness Consultant that helped people stay healthy, fit and active with natural energy technologies, I replied that I helped people earn an extra $500 to $5,000 per month.  After a moments silence, where I didn’t faint, she asked me how and our conversation continued. It’s fun to listen, ask ‘go questions,’ and respond.  We exchanged contact information to schedule a time to meet.  I am having fun and enjoying the results.  I feel a renewed sense of energy, urgency, passion and purpose.  Thanks, Dave!


Lesson Four: Problem & Solution


 Really finding out what the needs and wants of the person you are talking to, do my best to identify their problem and then tailor Nikken as a solution for them.

Learn to understand the compensation plan to the point where you can answer any question thrown at you and create different scenarios on how one can make money, similar to show and tell. I loved hearing your time frame of how you went RD in 8 years with a 3.5 yr break in the middle. I like the concept of building one leg at a time, that kind of focus helps keep things manageable and not crazy. I am starting to realize that the to DO items are the same for everyone but I can create my own style with it. I love that I have the flexibility to develop my own style. RL



Lesson Five: Opinions


Lesson 5 was a turning point for me! Reflecting on my Successes in Nikken over the years was a result of following the rules, having a written plan, monitoring results and doing the activities to create the results. I became excited about “I can do this again with new excited partners and this time not be influenced by opinion leaders and not revert back to complacency (old habits :) in scheduling “productive daily activities and measuring results”!     I recommend this series to any new or renewed Nikken Consultant who desires to create a sustainable business!  I am happy that I never stopped sharing, caring, helping and “practicing”. As an Expert RN and HC Executive I understood that Mastery resulted in the same way that the concepts are being taught in this series.     MZ


What I came to realize is that I was building relationships through conversations and caring.  I was inviting people to explore solutions so that they could make a decision based on their needs, interests and desires.  And, that I was free to do what I believed in and enjoyed no matter what other people thought.  Being freed from the opinions that I had internalized, and that others projected was a powerful learning and personally empowering process.  I also learned the importance of having a written goal, a written structured plan, and a written method to keep track of my activities and results.  I struggled and stumbled a bit with these new ways of structure, yet the more I incorporated them, the easier they were to do, and the more comfortable I became.  Having positive results reinforced the importance and power of having a structured format.  BJ  



Lesson Six: It's a Marathon Not A 100 Yard Dash


#6 this lesson got me into action again, from calendar to new appointments, to alignment, meetings with new members in my group. I made a decision, SMILE and RELAX😊 and I will write my story and send to you tomorrow. Clarity that my WHY never changed just that I got off track but never quit and never stopped practicing, I understand repetition is the Mother of all learning, and that having a mentor who affirms you is critical (Imp for me to edify and duplicate this concept, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, Say less, do not prejudge and most important for me, is the Knowledge and INTENT of focus and FUN....It’s a Marathon not an overnight sprint. MZ

Become the Master


Oh, I like Lesson 7 a lot, Dave.  

Nice review at the get-go.  Nicely organized throughout.  Moved along very well.

I’d been wondering about Story and Presentation and here they were.  I like that you create space for people to make it their own, genuine, authentic, based on their real-life experience.  Best way, only way, way that works.

The whole theme of problem and solution that is inter-woven as the foundation is great.  And, the importance of staying aware of current challenges in the world and in your area is so key.

Coming from the financial / business perspective - that the products are a solutions to both the healthcare crisis and our economic challenges to fuel a great biz, that gives people a cause to promote with the results of great income, freedom, philanthropy, specific to them - though most people are looking, wanting the same…this approach is refreshing rather than the, ‘oh, you have a health challenge, here, let me help you’ and then trying to figure out how to get the business / income model tied in, which never works well…ah, this is good stuff.  

I love the Supplemental Info – again, ties it up very nicely. BJ

Thank you so much for having me be a part of this.  I have learned so much.  Lesson 7 summing the whole program was very helpful.  I plan on telling anyone that is serious about putting an effort into building their own business to watch this series. SD (New Consultant)