Royal Diamond

Acheived Royal Diamond July 1998

I remember like it was yesterday that the day after I went Diamond in 1996 I created my plan for Royal. Each month I drew up the plan, figured out what I needed to do that month to reach RD and then proceeded to work at getting it done. Twenty four months later I finally achieved the TOP, Royal Diamond.

I was presented my PIN and Royal Diamond jacket at a Team Diamond event in Kansas and boy what a party. It was amazing but it was at this point after reaching the Top that I was again fasced with another question, What's Next?

The AH HA Moment Fall of 1998

OK I was on top, I was the first RD in California, 6th in the company history and enjoying a seven figure income and these were all great until I realized that I couldn't have done this without help from my organization so it was now time to turn the other way so to speak and focus my energy on helping my team achieve what I had accomplished. 

The Event

I was the guest speaker at an event and I asked the host "what do you want me to talk about?" His reply "well why don't you talk about the ten things that you feel contributed to your success" And once again my career was about to take on a new direction and one I had never thought of or dreamed about.

I went back to my room and I wrote out my talk called "the ten things you need to know. Needless to say the event went well and the birth of my next chapter was under way.

The Publication

Soon word got out and my speech on the "Ten Things You Need to Know" became a Hot topic and it was published in the Distributor monthly magazine produced by Team Diamond and I was off and running. But I couldn't be at all places so I needed another method of delivery and the next idea took shape.