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How to Show the Income and Potential

As you know there are 3 major income sources plus incentives, where one can earn an income. The key to using this information as a tool with a prospect is in determining what they WANT and using that information to demonstrate the potential of the opportunity of being a Nikken Consultant.

In other words what would they want as a result of getting involved as a consultant. When I was talking with any potential prospect, I wanted to know as soon as possible if they had a need or desire to earn money.

The importance of their position on this subject is very important as you need people who want to earn in your organization because these folks make it happen. In my experience the serious would answer up with their why and an amount and an explanation rather quickly and this was the person I really wanted to spend time and show him what the business could do for them. It is their INTEREST level in the topic of earning that is so important.

Another important point here is the  potential income in relationship to the work required and the effort that must be put out. Our work is not hard it simply takes time and sometimes this is an important piece of information to convey.

My knowledge of the plan and examples of income made it easy to then draw out on a piece of paper the structure of an organization that would relate to the income they were interested in.I have a video presentation on this for specific details.

The concept that is most important to the Business Builder is GROWTH and CONSISTENCY.  One can talk about earning $2,000 a month or $5,000 per month but these usually never remain exactly the same.

As I was building my business it mostly went up and when I stopped building it mostly went down so the constant to GROWTH and CONSISTENCY is to pay attention and work where it best supports your organization, and has I have stated this is at the bottom of any leg or under any new consultant.

The simple direct explanation for income is based on the activity used to earn. Retail is simple you make a 20% commission on any retail product you sell. Sell $2,500 in Retail Sales and earn $500. If someone is only interested in a small part time income then retail is easy to use and the examples are easy to write down.

However if your prospect wants to know about larger amounts from $2,500 to $5,000 a month and more then this income usually only comes from the Leadership Bonus Earnings. To explain and show this you need more information. But you want to keep it as simple as possible as the person you are talking with will more than likely not understand too much. But they will understand $5,000 per month and they will understand what they need to do and they can understand the number of people required. In the video you will see this in detail.

When I was explaining this to someone I always wanted to use analogies especially in areas where they had some familiarity. Here is an example. My prospect wants to earn $2,000 per month. He has been working in the restaurant business as a waiter and it was a chain restaurant and he would work in different places based on the need.

To understand our business I would say the following. "Imagine that you were the owner of this restaurant chain and every time a meal was served and paid for you earned an income. Let's say you set up and Franchised your restaurant all over the country and each month you received a 6% royalty on whatever that particular restaurant did. This is exactly how our business works.

To earn what you want and way more   is to find people who want to do what we are doing and help them grow their business and then you have the potential to earn the 6%  per month. But it gets even more exciting in that you can earn that 6% on the people they set up all the way down 6 generations or levels below you. Let me show you. Here I would draw out the chart 6 who sponsor 6 who sponsor 6 all the way down to the 6th level. 

Then I would take the calculator out and divide the desired income by the earning percentage and this would give me the CV needed to earn that amount. Now we know that the CV runs about 60% on average of the PV so to find the PV needed I would divide the CV volume by 60% and would have my final PV number. I have this example on the video.

After all that the prospect could see that to make $2,000 per month their organization would need to do about 55,000 PV and this would take about 15 Qualifying Silvers.

I would then draw this out on a piece of paper and the prospect would see a crude structure and along with some encouraging words see the simplicity of our business.

Having done this and to much greater heights I can assure you that it works very well and there are no real comparisons to the regular work a day world. 

If you want freedom, control and the ability to call your own shots then becoming a Nikken Consultant may very well be the best decision you ever made.

It does take some effort and dedicated work but so doesn't everything else. The only difference is this; I am still being paid on the work I did 27 years ago.

Earning Income with the Nikken Plan

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