Understanding How to Work the Plan

By now you probably know that one must understand the concept first and then one can do what is required in their own style as long as the concept is being applied.

The first point in how it works is that you earn money when someone else buys a product or you can earn a lot of money when a whole bunch of people buy products.

The second point in how it works is that in order to get paid you must qualify to be paid which means you need to sell product and if you want to earn the BIG BUCKS, those in your organization need to sell product. 

The third point in how it works is that the motivation economically after a period of time is all based on "IS THERE A NEED TO QUALIFY"  which translates to is the effort of selling enough product less than the prize you would receive once you are qualified.

As an example your organization has produced 100,000 QOPV and if qualified you will earn say $4,000. But to be qualified you need to sell $1,000 worth of product retail. 

I believe the answer would be yes, you are motivated. However lets say that you are only going to earn $500 and you are extremely busy with life and living, are you going to put out the effort to sell $1000? 

By observation this has been the downfall of people trying to build the business. They quit before they get to the point where it starts to work.

Thus the fourth way it works is when you build DEPTH in any line and you help create the NEED TO QUALIFY for each and every person you sponsor. When you have someone under you who needs to qualify then that person will be selling product and more than likely he will have a team below him of people selling product and if he is earning more than he is spending then he will continue and you will then continue to grow.

Therefore it grows and expands when the people you sponsor do the same thing of creating the need to qualify with those they sponsor.

The bottom of any LEG or line of sponsorship is the weakest point as there is nothing going on underneath that person.

Which then brings up the fifth way it works is when you have at least a minimum of three leaders in a vertical (one Leg) that need to qualify and that is VESTED INTEREST. This creates the support necessary to work with the consultants within the organization and there is a constant push at the bottom. The bottom must grow or it doesn't work. The deeper it goes the more support and the more who need to qualify and as a result the more product is sold, more qualifying is accomplished, more income is earned and more life that is lived. GET IT!!!!!