What is Silver

Silver is the "designation" given to the most important position in the Nikken Plan. After years of involvement I can tell you without reservation that understanding how to create Silver Distributorships will define your destiny and future financial freedom. 

When you understand our compensation plan fully you will notice that the largest pay-out is Leadership Bonuses. Here one has the potential to earn 6% on 6 levels of Leadership below you. ( That's 6 x 6 = 36%).

These levels are created when one goes Silver and then develops someone under him/her who goes Silver and then in turn repeats this activity on downward. 

In the Compensation Plan we earn these Leadership Bonuses based on the QOPV generated by the Silvers and above on each of the 6 levels below us in our Organization. We are paid based on our Qualifying. Each Rank, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Royal Diamond have very specific Qualifications in order to achieve the Rank and to be paid at the rank. You want to refer to the Policies and Procedure document for the exact amounts.

But needless to say in order to get to the upper Ranks and get paid on the 6 levels you need to create Silvers on each level. Now in turn the more Silvers that are created the more volume is generated which then coincides with the Qualifications defined for each Rank and earnings benefit.

As an example you become a Gold Consultant and you did this because you generated 15000 QOPV of which you had 8000 in your Primary Leg 5,000 in a Secondary Leg and you had 2,000 QPGPV. Now the benefit of GOLD is to earn on up to 3 levels of Silvers or above below you. 

We are in this for the long haul and what we want to understand is how do we earn the Leadership Bonuses on the levels below us and that is by ensuring that Silvers are being created on each of those levels. Now that we are a Volume based Plan we can loose sight of the structural component which is of course the Silver Rank.

Only Silvers and above can create Silvers and above on the levels below. A simple understanding for sure but at the same time often overlooked and certainly not focused on enough.

The point to all this is that you need to see the structure of 6, 12, 18, 24 levels below you to get how Network Marketing works and what you are truly building if you want success. This is also then the key to making a SIlver as well,DEPTH.

In Vested Interest on an earlier page on this site I explained that one needs to have a vested Interest to continue to participate and that meant that there is a positive gain for him/her to put out the effort to Qualify. This can only happen when there is a team of consultants in a leg that works together. You will see this with a graphic and on the reordered video at the bottom of this section. 

Qualifications for Silver Rank

Now the source of this information is the Nikken Policy and Procedures document which you can find on your Mynikken site under Information Center, Document Library. First there is the Qualification to achieve the Rank of Silver and secondly the ongoing monthly qualification to get paid.  

The Qualification to reach Silver is to accumulate 6000 QPGPV in up to 3 consecutive months with at least 100 QPPV generated in the qualifying month to count the QPGPV and in simple terms you need to have 100 QPPV for the QPGPV to count. You also need to make sure that 1000 QOPV is outside the Primary leg which tells you you need at least two legs and 500 outside the Primary and Secondary which could suggest a third leg or personal volume.

Now here I want to add some more data on this Qualification as you should not be just thinking about simply qualifying but you should be looking beyond simply qualifying with regards to the number of legs and where the volume is. The plan is a minimum value. I will talk about structure shortly. If we know what the Ideal Scene is then we can understand more about what we are doing all the way along the line and by Ideal Scene I mean what is the Big Picture look like and the Big Picture could be your Goal or Royal Diamond or financial freedom. We will talk about this more coming up. See the attachment below for an example of an ideal scene with Nikken.

Qualifications for Monthly Earning

Once one is Silver there are then monthly qualifications that must be met to earn as a Silver and there is more data here that you should know to help you become more successful.

As mentioned above the benefit of Silver besides being eligible for Leadership Bonus income is that you can earn Leadership Bonuses if there are any to be earned because you created Silvers on you first and second level below you who in turn generate QOPV. 

This is an obvious statement but yet most don't get it. Once again we want to see the future, what could it look like, what could happen, what needs to be done etc., etc. As far as qualifications are concerned you need to do 100QPPV, 1500QPGPV and have 4000 QOPV to earn leadership bonuses on up to two levels below you.

You will only earn these if there are Silvers and above on each level and there also must be QOPV which then suggests that this must be though of and planned out. 

A Strategy to Building Silver

As I mentioned earlier Depth plays a key role in your future success but it can also play a significant role in getting to Silver. From experience everyone who I have sponsored knew one key person that they got involved. It seems that all of us have a best friend or relative that we can talk with easily and who is on the same page with ourselves. It is with this idea that I am going to explain a strategy and a great way of going Silver quickly.

It goes like this. You get someone interested and signed up, now immediately find out who they know that you could talk to about this and then go and sign them up and repeat this process going down one after another. I will include a graphic as an attachment at the bottom of this page.

Here is what that might look like.


Sponsor Bob- level 1

You and Bob go sponsor Bill- level 2

You Bob and Bill go sponsor Frank- level 3

You help Frank sponsor Sally-level 4

You help Sally sponsor Jane- level 5

And you keep this up until someone lights up like a light bulb and gets going with volume and activity. What happens is that all those above this person gain the volume and become motivated to then do something to Qualify. On the video below you will hear how this works along with a graphic so you can see it as well.

This whole concept is Vested Interest at work and this was how I built each leg in my business and how I continue to work the business in depth at the bottom. 



Ideal Scene Example

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Building Silver

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