Starting for a Second Time

I received a call from the corporate office about a person who wanted to know about Nikken. As I had not decided yet to move forward I thought I would simply pass on this lead to someone in my organization.

When I found out that there was no one within 40 miles I decided to handle this myself and before you know I am full time once again.

The New Plan

I had done well in the wireless business and thought I could retire but some of the investments turned south and I had to once again focus on creating an income. While I was gone my Platinum business shrunk to barely being qualified as a SIlver so I needed to rebuild and I created a new plan but this time to Diamond.


At first it wasn't easy and with no one else around my area I had to create new leadership but the saving grace and the inspiration to continue came from other parts of the country and other leaders that were building Nikken. So I plugged in and shared in their successes and used that energy to rebuild in Southern CA. 

Changing Times Create New Opportunities

Before you know it the area started to heat up and the plan caught the attention of others and I ignited some old flames and my organization started to grow again. It was truly amazing to be apart of this new growth and I realized that my new team had no idea about what had gone on before. I began to use "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it was very true.

Diamond July 1996

In July I reached the Diamond level and I remember getting a call from Tom Watanabe with kind words of congratulations and I got excited to push on to the next and what I thought, the final step.