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I made it to the top of the Nikken Plan in 1998 and for the past 18 years have been enjoying a wonderful residual income. Learn how you can do the same thing.


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Vested Interest

Learn the most important datums you need to know to become successful in Networking with Nikken.


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My Story


I Was First Contacted About Nikken In October of 1990

I needed a solution to earn an income and support my family. I had been involved with Networking before but without any success. However, I believed in the idea and I understood the potential if I did the work. It took 4 more months to get started and in January of 1991 my journey began.

Achieved The Rank Of Silver February 1991

The first thing I did was connect up with a strong up-line to get a QUICK what do I do list. His answer was really quite simple. Go and show the business to as many people as you can. I did and I found a few who joined me and one was really serious and wanted what I wanted. Together we went to work selling product and signing up distributors and by the end of February we both went Silver.

Achieved The Rank Of Gold April 1991

I remember when I signed up my second leader, a past employee and friend and when he got a product benefit jumped in with both feet. He wanted what I wanted and by the end of March I had two Silver legs. Then I threw an ad in the paper and found my third and went Gold midway through April.

Achieved The Rank Of Platinum October 1991

With my first 3 key distributors working and on the same page, I was able to go and build 3 more and reached Platinum by October of 1991. It was at this level, that I knew I was onto something very special that would change my life forever. I hadn't really thought much about what would happen, all I knew was that I wanted to be at the top.

Life Gets In The Way

I am sure you have heard this before but in late 1991 and early 1992 Nikken ran into a storm and I was persuaded to go onto another traditional business in the Wireless Digital Industry. For the next 3 years I created a very successful business which eventually was sold to Sprint, but my Nikken business almost disappeared. In late 1994, I made my second decision with Nikken. I decided to rebuild and start all over once again with my eye on the top. 


The Second Start


Starting For A Second Time

I received a call from the corporate office about a person who wanted to know about Nikken. As I had not decided yet to move forward, I thought I would simply pass on this lead to someone in my organization.

When I found out that there was no one within 40 miles I decided to handle this myself and before you know it I am full time once again.

The New Plan

I had done well in the wireless business and thought I could retire but some of the investments turned south and I had to once again focus on creating an income. While I was gone my Platinum business shrunk to barely being qualified as a Silver.  I needed to rebuild and I created a new plan and this time to Diamond.


At first it wasn't easy, and with no one else around my area I had to create new leadership. The saving grace and the inspiration to continue came from other parts of the country and other leaders that were building Nikken. So I plugged in and shared in their successes and used that energy to rebuild in Southern CA. 

Changing Times Create New Opportunities

Before you know it the area started to heat up and the plan caught the attention of others,   I ignited some old flames and my organization started to grow again. It was truly amazing to be a part of this new growth and I realized that my new team had no idea about what had gone on before. I began to use "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it was very true.

Diamond July 1996

In July I reached the Diamond level . I remember getting a call from Tom Watanabe with kind words of congratulations and I got excited to push on to the next, and what I thought, the final step.


Royal Diamond


Achieved Royal Diamond, July 1998

I remember like it was yesterday that the day after I went Diamond in 1996 I created my plan for Royal. Each month I drew up the plan, figured out what I needed to do that month to reach RD and then proceeded to work at getting it done. Twenty four months later I finally achieved the TOP, Royal Diamond.

I was presented my PIN and Royal Diamond jacket at a Team Diamond event in Kansas and boy what a party. It was amazing, but it was at this point after reaching the Top that I was again faced with another question, What's Next?

The AH HA Moment, Fall of 1998

OK, I was on top, I was the first RD in California, 6th in the company history and enjoying a seven figure income and these were all great until I realized that I couldn't have done this without help from my organization.  It was now time to turn the other way so to speak and focus my energy on helping my team achieve what I had accomplished.   

—“One is as valuable as he can help others” and that led to my next big decision.


The Event

I was the guest speaker at an event and I asked the host, "what do you want me to talk about?" His reply, "well why don't you talk about the ten things that you feel contributed to your success." And, once again my career was about to take on a new direction and one I had never thought of or dreamed about.

I went back to my room and I wrote out my talk called "The Ten Things You Need to Know." Needless to say, the event went well and the birth of my next chapter was under way.

The Publication

Soon word got out and my speech on the "Ten Things You Need to Know" became a hot topic, it was published in the Distributor monthly magazine produced by Team Diamond and I was off and running. But I couldn't be at all places, so I needed another method of delivery and the next idea took shape.

Vested Interest


Writing the Book

I sat down and started writing and after four months the first draft was done. I made some copies and sent it out for feedback. Well, was I surprised, I didn't have to rewrite a thing. Off to the publisher, and In June of 1999 at the big event in San Jose, I unveiled Vested Interest Book and Tape Set.

Demand Was Awesome

Over the next several months I had to republish the book for a second time. I got a book deal in France and had it translated and published there. After that, it was published in Hebrew and I was traveling the world with Vested Interest.

The Introduction

What was most important to me as a distributor when I went to a meeting, was to come home with knowledge that would help me build my business. Unfortunately, most of what I heard were personal stories that were based on circumstance that really didn't apply to my situation in life. I called that "Style and Technique" training. What I heard were concepts that seemed to be universal among all successful distributors, but because this was a personality driven business everyone wanted to lay claim to their style and no one focused on the concepts.

You Won't Talk About What You Don't Understand

What puzzled me the most was why some just were not successful. Then I uncovered this very important fact if you don't understand it, you won't talk about it and it may be the thing that makes the deal go.

Vested Interest Is As Valid Today As It Was In 1999

The concepts of Vested Interest are just as valid today as they were when I first wrote the book 19 years ago. Now the revised and updated version is available in Video format; Smart Networker Dumb Networker. It's greatly expanded and totally updated to the 21st century.

Understanding Vested Interest

This is a video of a presentation given at the Walnut Creek Event on Sept 22, 2018. It's the full definition of what Vested Interest means.

The Toronto Presentation on Vested Interest

A Presentation on Vested Interest at the Toronto Summit Event Oct 12, 2018