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Smart Networker An Introduction

Smart Networker Dumb Networker                           A Video Book

                          By Dave Rolfe

 Based on the book Vested Interest

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What is Smart Networker All About

Learning Concepts

What is a Concept? The definition is: something conceived in the mind. If you are an automobile mechanic you know the concepts of how a car works, so you can fix a problem when it comes up. If you are not, then when asked to fix your car, you are lost.
Here in lies the answers to why so many people shy away from, and have trouble with Networking, they don't understand the concepts. You will learn all of the concepts in the Smart Networker Videobook. work from home

How Does our Business Work ?

I would say after 27 years of being involved with Nikken and watching what has happened and keeping track of the numbers, the majority don't know how it works. This is so important, yet most simply are wasting time and they won't spend the time to find out. In Smart Networker you will completely understand how it works, why it works, when it works and exactly what you need to do for yourself to make it work.

Are you Barley Surviving or Are You at the Top?

The average family income in the US ranges from $38,000 to $110,000 annually, depending on what state you live in. Our Opportunity allows us to earn these amounts monthly. We have the best opportunity on the market today, because of the products and the health conditions in our country. Is there something holding you back? Smart Networker will unlock whatever is holding you back.

Do you know how to Build this Business

This is a question that seems to baffle most Consultants. There is truly one way to do it, but their are many styles of how one can accomplish it. Again by the numbers it seems that there is a lot of confusion here. In Smart Networker you will come to completely understand how to Build your business using your style.

What comes first the chicken or the egg?

In Networking what comes first, great short term success or a long hard runway. I have experienced both and I will admit the short term success is way better than the long hard runway. In Smart Networker you will understand how to create success quickly and you will learn how to avoid failure.

Why should I get Smart Networker

To learn what you really need to know and do to make Networking work and give you what you want. This is a very easy and simple business, if you know the "what to do and how to do it." Most think they know, but the numbers don't support that, they suggest that most don't know" what to do or how to do it." Smart Networker will correct this so that you can get what you want.

Italy or Bust

You will want to watch this video on how to get to Platinum by December 2018 and win the trip to Italy.

This is based on the Smart Networker Video Book.

Download the 10 Step Business Plan Organizer to create your plan to reach Platinum by December 2018.

The Ten Step Business Plan Organizer

The 10 Step Business Organizer 802 (pdf)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Best Way To Build MY Business

You will find the answer to this in a New Lesson, # 8 How To Build Your Business

How Do I Get Access To The Members Only Page

All you need to do is order the Video Book. Once you do, you will then be sent an email with an access log in to the Members Only pages and you are all set to start the book. 

Why Should I Buy The Smart Networker Video Book

As a published author I have spent years researching as much as I could about our Industry of Networking. As an active Consultant I have spent years building and learning. On my journey I bought every possible Book I could that would help me learn how to make Networking work. This Video Book is the summation of everything I learned. It is very valuable but more importantly it is also a commitment of responsibility that I believe is very important. When someone buys material  or a book or a training class, they are investing in themselves and as a result they will value the information more. 

I truly understand that your success is my success and I want you to be successful.

What IF I Don't Like The Video Book

I can't imagine this could happen especially after the results from the Beta Test. But everyone has their own opinions and I respect that. If after you have done everything that the Video Book suggests and you don't like it, contact me and we will work it out.

Is This Book For Everyone

The Video Book was written for any level of experience from beginner to the experienced professional. It teaches the Concepts of our business so that one can then apply them and accomplish what they want. 

How Long Does The Video Book Take To Watch

The Lessons range in length from 28 minutes to 48 minutes each. However each Lesson has a homework assignment that starts a mentoring and accountability program with me. Some of the homework assignments will take longer than the actual Video Lesson. This will depend on how serious you are in learning and becoming successful. Also you will want to go over the Video Lessons more than once to ensure that you learn the concepts and everything else that is talked about. You have the freedom to visit the Members Only pages whenever you choose. There is no specific time frame. This Video Book will go on for years, with New Lessons being added as there becomes a need to learn more.

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